We are At the Mountains of Madness!

08 Mar

There has been some news lately regarding Guillermo Del Toro’s
up coming film adaptation of H.P. Lovecraft’s “At the Mountains of Madness”.

It’s green lighted, it’s delayed, it’s due to begin filming in June, or, it’s DEAD.
The rumor mill is steadily cranking out news that Tom Cruise is set for the roll of William Dyer… If there was a list of “wrong choice” available actors to be cast in this film, Cruise would be near the very top of it. No offence, but this is not a “dumbed down” film produced for the general public on a third grade reading level. This is an adaptation of one of the worlds foremost weird fantasy authors and a pioneer of modern horror.
The choice of Ron Pearlman was, in my opinion, an excellent one as he and Del Toro have collaborated in the past. I also feel Pearlman has what it takes to fit in, unlike certain other actors who shall from this point, remain nameless.

Further news from our friends at reads as follows:

Criterion Cast shot Guillermo Del Toro an email today to confirm the earlier news that the project had been given the go-ahead by Universal. The director’s response? “The opposite- Dead. – G.” First announced last July, Del Toro and producer James Cameron have been battling the studio for months due to budget concerns. Universal was uncomfortable with the idea of making a $150 million epic horror film that would require $500 million in worldwide box office grosses in order to make a profit. While the studio has yet to comment, one can imagine that neither side was willing to budge on the price and the project was declared dead. •

I, myself, had written a request of WETA Studios some years back after Peter Jacksons “Lord of the Rings” film had been released. I stated how Lovecraft’s work had not received it’s due justice in film and that WETA would be the the company to make it happen.
They replied with interest, saying that they would forward the idea to the appropriate channels. Perhaps a reiteration is in order. I personally feel that the budget Del Toro had in mind is not that far fetched.

So is Lovecraft’s literary work yet again to be stifled into low budget hell? I think not, I will continue to lie in wait for a time when the Old Ones will rise once more to strike terror into our hearts.

Let’s, at least for the time being, look forward to Del Toro’s upcoming monster movie “Pacific Rim” in the works right now.

Until that time, Faithful Followers, keep the hope alive!
Cheers! Nyrhalahotep


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2 responses to “We are At the Mountains of Madness!

  1. Awix

    March 12, 2011 at 5:14 am

    I think the bigger the budget, the less faithful this film will be to the original story (I can imagine emails batting around the studio saying it ‘lacks conflict and incident’). Even so, if they’re going to stick to theirs guns and demand a massive budget it’s understandable that the studio’s going to insist they cast a massive star. I don’t dislike Tom Cruise that much, I think he could certainly be convincing as a man teetering on the edge of madness (he wouldn’t even have to act).

    Even so I think I’d rather they made no film at than a lousy one…

  2. Nathan

    June 3, 2011 at 1:42 pm

    Mr DelToro should just get the hell on with making the move or someone else, probably less able, will open the Lovecraft Motherlode to the world in not so fine a way.
    I went through every single Lovecraft book as a teenager and would queue to see a Del Toro realization of his books.


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