The Sound by Stan Grimes

08 May

The citizens of this world have many reasons to believe that the planet upon which they live will someday self-destruct, but what if their reasons are wrong. What if global warming doesn’t destroy us?

What if a worldwide war for fossil fuels doesn’t destroy us? Perhaps the destruction of the world is planned by an enemy much more sinister than the ones of which we are aware, an enemy from beyond.

The Sound is about such an enemy, an enemy planning on using the inhabitants of Earth as sustenance for survival of their strange race. Larson and Josie Bash discover their hometown in the Yukon is overrun with these bizarre creatures. They escape their homeland only to find their life would change forever.

My latest sci-fi thriller “The Sound” is available at Wildchild Publishing. For those unfamiliar with the name Stan Grimes. Stan has been writing seriously, as in trying to publish his works, for over ten years.

Stan lives in the great state of Indiana with my wife, dog, and grandchildren.  He is a graduate of Indiana University and is currently a retired social worker.  He states that he enjoys “the possibilities of life and beyond.”  Stan is a poet and much of his poetry is an attempt to put into words his thoughts about humanism and the strange incongruent nature of our existence.


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