“The Deathly Tweet” by Dwight L. MacPherson

25 Jun

I have a very special treat for my Lovecraft aficionados out there! My dear friend, author, editor, and comic book/graphic novel creator Dwight L. MacPherson has written an eldritch tale penned in the vernacular and fashion of the modern science fiction and horror wordsmith, Howard Phillips Lovecraft. Known by many to be the grandfather of otherworldly horror.

Dwight L. MacPherson (of The Surreal Adventures of Edgar Allan PooKid Houdini and the Silver-Dollar MisfitsJim Reaper, and Sidewise, among other works). Soon readers will be able to enjoy his adaptation of Lovecraft’s “He” in the forthcoming The Lovecraft Anthology: Volume II.

I have posted several paragraphs here on Nyrhalahotep’s Blog to whet your archaic appetite, follow the links to view the tale in it’s disquieting entirety.

The Deathly Tweet

By Dwight L. MacPherson
©Copyright 2011 Dwight L. MacPherson

“I’ll kill every last one of them,” Tad said through muck-encrusted teeth. And by the gods… he meant it!

“Insular, self-absorbed hipsters… you think you’re better than me!” In his three years of using the social networking site Twitter, he had received a grand whopping total of five Retweets. Five! And those came before he really needed the support of all his friends. He shook his head slowly; a building heat throbbing in his temples. He scrolled down the list of his followers and those he followed as if attempting to memorize each name and location. He had been polite and faithful to Retweet the four thousand people he followed and the twenty-two who actually followed him back in that time, but, as a reward for his fidelity they had completely ignored him! He was certain they’d secretly clicked on his links and loathed his work, perhaps even laughed at it; they were unwilling to sully their paltry reputations by Retweeting substandard work. His work which he loved like a real father is meant to love his children.

They aren’t friends; they’re worthless meatbags who deserve to die! And die they surely will!    

In the early going, this snub merely irritated him. But once his webcomic “Squid Honies” went live, he expected the support of his friends. And what did he get in return? Nothing. Nada, nichts, rien, nill, zip. And when he Direct Messaged people he had supported through three years of unsuccessfully building a network to promote his work, they either blew him off or unfollowed—or both. One “friend” had even gone so far as to report him to Twitter!

Sure, Tad would readily admit that the writing on his webcomic wasn’t the greatest. But the English language was so bloody difficult to learn with all its rules, exceptions— “i before e except after c… and sometimes y,” blah, blah, blah—and all those needless vowels! Still, the art was topnotch. No one could dispute that, which meant no one had an excuse for blatantly disrespecting his precious work.

View the full story and article here on Redecorating Middle-Earth in Early Lovecraft.

Until next time, Faithful Followers, check under the bed, shut tight the closet door, and never, ever go into the basement!

Cheers, Nyrhalahotep


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