Harry Potter Turns 33! You, the Fans, Gave Us 33 Reasons Why You Love Him! | Fan Voice

01 Aug

Harry Potter Turns 33! You, the Fans, Gave Us 33 Reasons Why You Love Him!


Harry Potter e1375296823127 Harry Potter Turns 33! You, the Fans, Gave Us 33 Reasons Why You Love Him!

Harry Potter is one of my all-time favorite book and film series. I’m still reeling from the fact that eight films managed to take a book series I love and actually make me love it even more. According to the interwebs, today is Harry’s 33rd birthday. In honor of the event, I solicited some fan love on my Twitter feed and my Facebook and Google+ pages. Here is what you had to say about the boy wizard.

Harry Potter

@elguapo1: “I love Harry Potter because he exists in a world that fuels the imaginations of both children and adults the world over.”

@bonniegrrl: “Harry Potter was more than just the underdog wizard kid with a bad childhood. He showed us that even when life hands you lemons you can still turn it around and make Polyjuice Potion. Though everything and everyone seemed to be against him, he still had his friends to pull him through the darkness. I will always love him for never giving up and for always standing up for what’s right, which isn’t easy when you’re a teenager with a price on your head.”

@BSGesus: ” I love how the books are structured to go through each season. Summer to Spring. There is nothing like Autumn at Hogwarts.”

@WH_Woolhat: “When the Sorting Hat yells out “Hufflepuff” in the movies, I laugh every time”

@geekgirldiva: “I love Harry’s bravery. No matter how scared he is, he fights anyway. For his friends, for his family, for Hogwarts. Without question.”

@evildorina: “Not only has J. K. Rowling created wonderful, complex role models, but she’s also come up with a world as dark as our own. I think we can all relate to the fear Harry and his friends live through every day. As we get older, we learn that life isn’t magical, we’re not invincible, and our loved ones won’t be here forever. Rowling reminds us that life is still worth living, there are always people out there worth fighting for, and we can beat the darkness.”

@DavinCleary: “I love Harry Potter because even though I was in my late twenties when I started reading the series, it makes you feel like you are a kid, seeing the magical world through Harry’s eyes.”

@thestephthorpe: “He brought out the child in all of us. Both kids & adults alike could experience & share this wondrous new world together through his eyes. He always tried to do the right thing, even when it seemed hopeless”

Bryan Hardbarger: “Aside from the painfully obvious reasons why this story is so amazing… like the character development, the films lush landscapes and rich effects is the simple fact that J. K. Rowling’s writing sent countless numbers of children and adults alike to sit down and READ. Bless her, and her talents, her imagination, her determination and influence on so many to persevere through the hardest times. She created an entire world in our imaginations, full of hope and friendship, laughter and tears. We fell in love with SO many of her individual creations, I for one have been forever enriched by her work. If I ever see J. K. in person, I owe her the biggest and most heartfelt hug!”

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