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21 Aug


by Susana Polo | 11:03 am, August 21st, 2013

We first learned about Michael Dorn‘s efforts to get a Worf-centered Star Trek movie or television show into development nearly a year ago, and even though nothing has come of it yet, Dorn is still optimistic.

Last September Dorn said he’d been contacted by “several individuals” interested in making a movie about a post-Next Generation Worf, the captain of his own Federation starship.

“Interestingly enough it has gotten traction. I was very surprised, I was on a movie not too long ago, where one of the producers was basically lobbying to be part of it,” said Dorn. “Like I said, in this business you never know and I’ve been through pitching things and I never want to do that again [laughs]. It’s pretty brutal, but definitely I think once again, if Paramount or CBS or anybody thinks this is a viable thing, they’ll jump on it.”

Dorn gave J.J. Abrams‘ hold over the franchise as one roadblock the project would have to clear, and a Worf movie does seem a bit like an odd choice for a company that’s pretty heavily invested in an alternate timeline version of the universe that takes place both a generation before and in a place with a completely different visual aesthetic than Next Generation. Still, a year later, Dorn is still hoping it will happen, and talking about it as a television series rather than a movie. He told HuffPo:

Last year there was interest and I talked to a couple producers and we actually had pitch meeting with Paramount and CBS. Business things got in the way in terms of the JJ Abrams movie coming out and CBS/Paramount and their relationship with JJ Abrams. I don’t think they wanted to step on his toes by putting a new series on, but it’s not dead yet. I’ve finished the script and hopefully someone will take a look at this and say ‘we can do this.’

While I’m not personally certain that Star Trek returning to television is something that’s in the cards right now, I’d love to see it happen, and I’d love to see it happen in a way that wasn’t based on Abrams’ Star Trek.

(HuffPo via Blastr, top pic via Flickr.)

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