World Of Warcraft Might Go Free-To-Play, Blizzard Says

22 Aug

World Of Warcraft Might Go Free-To-Play, Blizzard SaysAuthor: Pete Haaspublished: 2013-08-22


World of Warcraft, the biggest subscription-based MMORPG in the world, could eventually shed its monthly fees. Game director Tom Chilton said in a new interview that the game might be free-to-play someday.

“I definitely think that free-to-play MMOs will be around for a very long time,” Chilton said in a chat with NowGamer. “At some point its possible that World of Warcraft could end up being free-to-play, but I do think there’s always room for there to be subscription games.”

Chilton added that a monthly subscription can be a good value for some MMOs. A gamer could play WoW for dozens of hours in a month. When you consider the amount of time spent in-game, the $15 monthly subscription doesn’t seem so unreasonable. What happens when players arent spending dozens of hour a month in your game, though? What happens when they finish all the quests or raids? The onus is in the developers to keep creating new content to keep these subscribers. Chilton says that developers of subscriber-based MMOs like WoW will have to release new content on a steadier basis to keep the monthly fees palatable to gamers.

“I do think that as time goes on subscription MMOs might evolve toward becoming a little bit more dynamic and making sure that within that month time span it feels like new events and new episodes happen to keep it fresh,”

Chilton said. Yesterday, ZeniMax Online Studios confirmed that their upcoming MMO Elder Scrolls Online will require a monthly subscription. Their plan is pretty much what Chilton suggests: release new content every 4-6 weeks. Well see if they can stick to that pace and whether it will be enough to keep players paying the monthly fee after their first 30 days are up.

Read the entire article at: World Of Warcraft Might Go Free-To-Play, Blizzard Says.


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