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Marvels Agents of SHIELD: 10 teasers about Joss Whedons comic hit – Agents of SHIELD News – TV – Digital Spy

Marvel’s ‘Agents of SHIELD’: 10 teasers about Joss Whedon’s comic hit

Published Tuesday, Sep 24 2013, 9:41am EDT  |  By   
It’s the TV event that comic book fans have been waiting for – Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD premieres tonight (September 24) on ABC in the US, with Channel 4 giving the series its UK debut on Friday (September 27) at 8pm.

But are you eager for a few tasty teasers from the show’s blockbuster pilot episode – co-written by Avengers director Joss Whedon? Then dig in below…

'Marvel's Agents of SHIELD' poster


Marvel’s ‘Agents of SHIELD’

1. Let’s get this out of the way – Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD is fantastic. Like The Avengers, it’s a near-perfect blend of Marvel action and Whedon wit.

2. The SHIELD pilot wraps up some loose ends from one of Marvel’s big-screen blockbusters.

3. Coulson (Clark Gregg) loves dark corners…

4. One veteran from the Whedonverse – Firefly‘s Ron Glass – pops up in a guest role.

5. Coulson lives – but how? Maria Hill (Cobie Smulders) might be holding all the cards.

6. That mysterious character played by J August Richards? Not Luke Cage!

7. Shannon Lucio – recently cast on Supernatural – plays a young woman who has a big impact on the life of Richards’s character.

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Marvels Agents of SHIELD: 10 teasers about Joss Whedons comic hit – Agents of SHIELD News – TV – Digital Spy.


Edgar Wright Confirms Hank Pym in ‘Ant-Man’ | /Film


Edgar Wright Confirms Hank Pym in ‘Ant-Man’Posted on Tuesday, July 23rd, 2013 by Angie HanThis weekend’s big reveal that the Avengers sequel would be titled Avengers: Age of Ultron immediately got comics geeks wondering what that meant for Ant-Man.

In the books, Ultron is created by Hank Pym a.k.a. Ant-Man — but in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Edgar Wright‘s Ant-Man isn’t due out until after Joss Whedon‘s Avengers: Age of Ultron hits theaters.Whedon clarified soon afterward that they’d be “doing our own version of the origin story for Ultron,” which would not involve Hank Pym. But don’t worry, Wright has asserted that he’ll still crop up when Ant-Man hits later that same year.

Hit the jump to get the latest info.io9 was able to confirm in an interview with Wright that we’d get to meet Hank Pym in Ant-Man. That’s not really a shocker, since I think most people figured as much.

See the full story via Edgar Wright Confirms Hank Pym in ‘Ant-Man’ | /Film.


Castle Pays Homage To Firefly At A Sci-Fi Convention

Castle Firefly Convention EpisodeNathan Fillion is keeping the “Firefly” torch burning even in his newer role — this weeks “Castle” paid homage to the short-lived Joss Whedon series in a number of geeky ways.The episode, directed by “Star Trek: The Next Generation” legend Jonathan Frakes, was set at a sci-fi convention, and featured a “Firefly”-style show called “Nebula-9.”“They were canceled over a decade ago. After 12 episodes, which was 12 episodes too many,” Castle explained to Beckett.“I thought you would be a fan,” she admitted.“I’m a fan of good sci-fi. ‘Star Trek,’ ‘Battlestar,’ that Joss Whedon show, but ‘Nebula-9?’ No, it’s all phony melodrama and lifeless acting,” our hero proclaimed, much to the joy of the Browncoats in the audience.”Castle” airs every Monday at 10 p.m. ET on ABC.

Thanks to the fine folks at Huffington Post for this lil’ jewel of the ‘Verse!

via Castle Pays Homage To Firefly With Murder Case At A Sci-Fi Convention VIDEO.


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Felicia Day to Make Return Visit to ‘Supernatural’ | TV Equals

Eureka Mirror Mirror Season 5 Episode 11Felicia Day, the writer, producer and star of the long-running online series ‘The Guild’, will be making a return visit to the long-running CW series Supernatural, reprising her role of Charlie Bradbury, a computer whiz who all but inadvertently helped the Winchester brothers (Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki) get one step closer to taking down Leviathan leader Dick Roman (James Patrick Stuart) last season.

Now word comes from TV Line and Day’s own Twitter post that she will be making a reappearance on the sci-fi series. Here is what Day had to share on Twitter:

“What better place to be on Halloween than on the set of Supernatural”?

Charlie will show up in episode 11 of the current season of ‘Supernatural’ in an episode called “LARP and the Real Girl”. Does that mean that Charlie (aka Day) will help the brothers in a case involving role-playing? Sure sounds that way given the title, right?

Among Day’s other credits are ‘Buffy, the Vampire Slayer’ and ‘Eureka’ as well as the online sensation ‘Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog’, the online series ‘Dragon Age: Redemption’ and the made-for-TV movie ‘Red: Werewolf Hunter’. She also serves as host of the online podcast ‘The Flog’.

‘Supernatural’, which is now in its 8th season on The CW, will air its next new episode this Thursday, November 1 at 9/8c.

via Sci-Fi Favorite Felicia Day to Make Return Visit to ‘Supernatural’ | TV Equals.


Ming-Na To Star In Joss Whedon’s ‘Marvel’s S.H.I.E.L.D.’ Pilot!

Ming-Na S.H.I.E.L.D. CastingEXCLUSIVE: Joss Whedon has recruited ER alumna Ming-Na Wen for one of the leads in his ABC drama pilot Marvel’s S.H.I.E.L.D., which he is co-writing and directing.

The project, from Marvel TV and ABC TV Studios, is based on a peacekeeping group found in both the comic book and feature film universes, including the blockbuster 2012 movie The Avengers. Ming-Na will play Agent Melinda May. Soulful and slightly damaged by her combat experiences, Melinda is an ace pilot, a weapons expert and a soldier who can — and has — gone beyond the call of duty.

The character was originally listed on the pilot’s casting breakdown as Agent Althea Rice, aka The Calvary. Ming-Na is the second actor cast in S.H.I.E.L.D., joining Clark Gregg, who is reprising his Iron Man, Thor and Avengers role as Agent Phil Coulson.

Whedon is co-writing the pilot script with his brother Jed Whedon and Maurissa Tancharoen. The three executive produce with Jeffrey Bell and Marvel TV’s Jeph Loeb. Ming-Na, who is reverting to her full name, Ming-Na Wen, comes to S.H.I.E.L.D. with solid sci-fi credentials after recent stints on Syfy’s Eureka and Stargate Universe. She is repped by Innovative Artists, KLWGN and Jackoway Tyerman.

TV Editor Nellie Andreeva – tip her here.

via Ming-Na To Star In Joss Whedon’s ‘Marvel’s S.H.I.E.L.D.’ Pilot.


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Where Are They Now? The Cast of Dollhouse ~

Eliza Dushku, Star of Joss Whedon’s Dollhouse

Fox took the batteries out of the “Dollhouse” a couple of years back. The series, a Joss Whedon created slice of peach pie with a delicious serve of Dushku sauce drizzled on its creative crust, produced and extended quite a few careers – least of all Whedon’s, who jumped from short-lived shows to big-time multiplex efforts like “The Avengers”.

In conjunction with the release of “Dollhouse : The Complete First Season” on DVD and Blu-ray down under today, we ask the question ‘So where are the cast of “Dollhouse” today?’ (And, for that matter, do they remember who they were before their most recently-assigned missions?)

Eliza Dushku (Echo) – in between doing guest spots on various TV shows (like “The Big Bang Theory”), the “Dollhouse” heroine has carved out a new career for herself as a voice-over artist. She recently voiced Catwoman in “Batman : Year One” and soon, lends her lungs to She-Hulk in “Hulk and the agents of S.M.A.S.H”. Last but not least, Dan Aykroyd’s said to be keen on the plucky brunette to play a Ghostbusters in “Ghostbusters 3″, when it goes before the cameras next year.

Harry Lennix (Boyd) – unlike the motivations of his career, Lennix’s career aspirations haven’t been cloaked in secrecy. Much like Dushku, Lennix seems intent on getting in on some superhero movie moolah – appearing as a general in next year’s “Man of Steel”.

Olivia Williams (Adelle) – The English Rose that runs the ‘Dollhouse’ already had a successful career – remember her from “Rushmore” and “The Sixth Sense”? – as a film actress.. She simply went back to it. Williams’ most recent film credits include “Hyde Park on the Hudson” and “Anna Karenina.” She is currently filming “Ten” with Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Fran Kranz (Topher) – Like “Dollhouse” guest star Amy Acker, Kranz continues to put food on the table thanks to Sir Whedon. He had a starring role in the surprise hit “Cabin in the Woods” earlier this year, and next forms part of the immense ensemble of Whedon’s micro-budgeted “Much Ado About Nothing”.

Tahmoh Penikett (Paul) – Tahmoh still hasn’t been able to snag a secure, regular gig the likes of which he has on both “Dollhouse” and also “Battlestar Galactica” – which he made his mark on just prior to arriving in Barbie-hub. Still, a mass of guest turns on TV shows like “The Killing” and “Castle” and a role in the upcoming “Man of Steel” (like Lennix), is definitely keeping him a stout focus on the Hollywood radar. Maybe there’s something for him in your new S.H.I.E.L.D TV series, Whedon?

Enver Gjokaj (Victor) – Its mostly been guest spots on the box for Enver since handing in membership to the “Dollhouse”, but a couple of minutes of screen time – playing a cop – in the recent “The Avengers” (hmmm.. Wonder how he got that job!?) should help snag a few more film roles in the near future.

Dichen Lachman (Sierra) – The former Aussie soap star (she was on “Neighbours”) cum Hollywood up-and-comer recently landed another regular TV gig, as part of the ensemble cast of “Last Resort”. It, like “Dollhouse” is a great show, encompassing terrific scripts, with a loyal niche audience… likely means it’ll be axed soon. Nothing like a regular pay cheque – if even fleetingly!

Miracle Laurie (Mellie) – The adorable actress (one of my personal favourites on “Dollhouse”) behind Paul’s object of affection has gone on to roles in films like “Wyatt Earp’s Revenge” and “Any Day Now”. Look out for her in more films, I’d say.

Reed Diamond (Laurence) – The not-so-impressionable Laurence may have left this world, but the man who gave him life definitely hasn’t. You can catch Diamond in such films as “Moneyball” and (Whedon’s) “Much Ado About Nothing”; he also did a handful of eps of “24″ in that show’s later days. Never not desired when you’re a Diamond.

Liza Lapira (Ivy) – One of the busiest of the cast, Lapira’s wages of late have been paid by the bean counters over on TV’s “Don’t Trust the B*tch in Apartment 23″ (of which she’s been in half-a-dozen or so episodes), as well as payroll over on such films as “Marmaduke” and “Crazy Stupid Love”.

Alan Tudyk (Alpha) – The show’s resident villain has transitioned into one of the most in-demand film stars this side of the three-breasted woman recruitment agency. Tudyk’s many credits since infiltrating the “Dollhouse” include “Abraham Lincoln : Vampire Hunter”, “Transformers : Dark of the Moon” and “Conception”, an acclaimed indy from director Josh Stolberg. Next up, Tudyk appears in “42″ with Harrison Ford and lends his lungs to the highly-anticipated “Wreck-it Ralph”.

Many others also passed through “Dollhouse”, including Alexis Denisof (“The Avengers”), Summer Glau (“Terminator : The Sarah Connor Chronicles”), Keith Carradine (“Cowboys & Aliens”), Mark Sheppard (“Supernatural”), Felicia Day (“Dr Horrible’s Sing-a-long Blog”) and Aisha Hinds (“Five”), and if the things in brackets after their names didn’t tip you off, all are still steadily employment and keeping their steady-temperature bodies busy.

The cast of Dollhouse

Thanks to Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment, we have an EXCLUSIVE clip from the “Dollhouse : The Complete First Season” DVD and Blu-ray (which includes a copy of a “Dollhouse” comic!); this clip involves Harry Lennix (as Boyd Langdon) entering the Dollhouse facilities for the first time and finding out exactly what it is he is letting himself in for.


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Buffy Writer Marti Noxon Hired for Unspecified Pixar Film | The Mary Sue

Joss Whedon isn’t the only Buffy alum with big things going on. Writer Marti Noxon, who’s worked on Mad Men, Grey’s Anatomy, Glee, and last year’s underrated Fright Night remake since leaving Sunnydale behind, has just been hired by Pixar to work on one of their upcoming films.

It’s unclear exactly what Noxon will be working on; Pixar currently has several films in pre-production, including a Dia de los Muertos-inspired flick and the latest from director Pete Docter (Up, Monsters, Inc.), listed on IMDB as “The Untitled Pixar Movie That Takes You Inside the Mind.” (I’m envisioning Monsters, Inc. meets Inception—I can hope, can’t I?)

Regardless of what Noxon’s been hired for, this news has me excited. I’ll be even more excited if she gets added on a more permanent basis to Pixar’s “brain trust”; as someone who’s served as producer on many of the things she’s written, being given a larger behind-the-scenes role seems within the realm of possibility. (And it would certainly be a smart move on Pixar’s part after the flak they took for firing original Brave director Brenda Chapman.)

via Buffy Writer Marti Noxon Hired for Unspecified Pixar Film | The Mary Sue.


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