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Castle Pays Homage To Firefly At A Sci-Fi Convention

Castle Firefly Convention EpisodeNathan Fillion is keeping the “Firefly” torch burning even in his newer role — this weeks “Castle” paid homage to the short-lived Joss Whedon series in a number of geeky ways.The episode, directed by “Star Trek: The Next Generation” legend Jonathan Frakes, was set at a sci-fi convention, and featured a “Firefly”-style show called “Nebula-9.”“They were canceled over a decade ago. After 12 episodes, which was 12 episodes too many,” Castle explained to Beckett.“I thought you would be a fan,” she admitted.“I’m a fan of good sci-fi. ‘Star Trek,’ ‘Battlestar,’ that Joss Whedon show, but ‘Nebula-9?’ No, it’s all phony melodrama and lifeless acting,” our hero proclaimed, much to the joy of the Browncoats in the audience.”Castle” airs every Monday at 10 p.m. ET on ABC.

Thanks to the fine folks at Huffington Post for this lil’ jewel of the ‘Verse!

via Castle Pays Homage To Firefly With Murder Case At A Sci-Fi Convention VIDEO.


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Where Are They Now? The Cast of Dollhouse ~

Eliza Dushku, Star of Joss Whedon’s Dollhouse

Fox took the batteries out of the “Dollhouse” a couple of years back. The series, a Joss Whedon created slice of peach pie with a delicious serve of Dushku sauce drizzled on its creative crust, produced and extended quite a few careers – least of all Whedon’s, who jumped from short-lived shows to big-time multiplex efforts like “The Avengers”.

In conjunction with the release of “Dollhouse : The Complete First Season” on DVD and Blu-ray down under today, we ask the question ‘So where are the cast of “Dollhouse” today?’ (And, for that matter, do they remember who they were before their most recently-assigned missions?)

Eliza Dushku (Echo) – in between doing guest spots on various TV shows (like “The Big Bang Theory”), the “Dollhouse” heroine has carved out a new career for herself as a voice-over artist. She recently voiced Catwoman in “Batman : Year One” and soon, lends her lungs to She-Hulk in “Hulk and the agents of S.M.A.S.H”. Last but not least, Dan Aykroyd’s said to be keen on the plucky brunette to play a Ghostbusters in “Ghostbusters 3″, when it goes before the cameras next year.

Harry Lennix (Boyd) – unlike the motivations of his career, Lennix’s career aspirations haven’t been cloaked in secrecy. Much like Dushku, Lennix seems intent on getting in on some superhero movie moolah – appearing as a general in next year’s “Man of Steel”.

Olivia Williams (Adelle) – The English Rose that runs the ‘Dollhouse’ already had a successful career – remember her from “Rushmore” and “The Sixth Sense”? – as a film actress.. She simply went back to it. Williams’ most recent film credits include “Hyde Park on the Hudson” and “Anna Karenina.” She is currently filming “Ten” with Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Fran Kranz (Topher) – Like “Dollhouse” guest star Amy Acker, Kranz continues to put food on the table thanks to Sir Whedon. He had a starring role in the surprise hit “Cabin in the Woods” earlier this year, and next forms part of the immense ensemble of Whedon’s micro-budgeted “Much Ado About Nothing”.

Tahmoh Penikett (Paul) – Tahmoh still hasn’t been able to snag a secure, regular gig the likes of which he has on both “Dollhouse” and also “Battlestar Galactica” – which he made his mark on just prior to arriving in Barbie-hub. Still, a mass of guest turns on TV shows like “The Killing” and “Castle” and a role in the upcoming “Man of Steel” (like Lennix), is definitely keeping him a stout focus on the Hollywood radar. Maybe there’s something for him in your new S.H.I.E.L.D TV series, Whedon?

Enver Gjokaj (Victor) – Its mostly been guest spots on the box for Enver since handing in membership to the “Dollhouse”, but a couple of minutes of screen time – playing a cop – in the recent “The Avengers” (hmmm.. Wonder how he got that job!?) should help snag a few more film roles in the near future.

Dichen Lachman (Sierra) – The former Aussie soap star (she was on “Neighbours”) cum Hollywood up-and-comer recently landed another regular TV gig, as part of the ensemble cast of “Last Resort”. It, like “Dollhouse” is a great show, encompassing terrific scripts, with a loyal niche audience… likely means it’ll be axed soon. Nothing like a regular pay cheque – if even fleetingly!

Miracle Laurie (Mellie) – The adorable actress (one of my personal favourites on “Dollhouse”) behind Paul’s object of affection has gone on to roles in films like “Wyatt Earp’s Revenge” and “Any Day Now”. Look out for her in more films, I’d say.

Reed Diamond (Laurence) – The not-so-impressionable Laurence may have left this world, but the man who gave him life definitely hasn’t. You can catch Diamond in such films as “Moneyball” and (Whedon’s) “Much Ado About Nothing”; he also did a handful of eps of “24″ in that show’s later days. Never not desired when you’re a Diamond.

Liza Lapira (Ivy) – One of the busiest of the cast, Lapira’s wages of late have been paid by the bean counters over on TV’s “Don’t Trust the B*tch in Apartment 23″ (of which she’s been in half-a-dozen or so episodes), as well as payroll over on such films as “Marmaduke” and “Crazy Stupid Love”.

Alan Tudyk (Alpha) – The show’s resident villain has transitioned into one of the most in-demand film stars this side of the three-breasted woman recruitment agency. Tudyk’s many credits since infiltrating the “Dollhouse” include “Abraham Lincoln : Vampire Hunter”, “Transformers : Dark of the Moon” and “Conception”, an acclaimed indy from director Josh Stolberg. Next up, Tudyk appears in “42″ with Harrison Ford and lends his lungs to the highly-anticipated “Wreck-it Ralph”.

Many others also passed through “Dollhouse”, including Alexis Denisof (“The Avengers”), Summer Glau (“Terminator : The Sarah Connor Chronicles”), Keith Carradine (“Cowboys & Aliens”), Mark Sheppard (“Supernatural”), Felicia Day (“Dr Horrible’s Sing-a-long Blog”) and Aisha Hinds (“Five”), and if the things in brackets after their names didn’t tip you off, all are still steadily employment and keeping their steady-temperature bodies busy.

The cast of Dollhouse

Thanks to Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment, we have an EXCLUSIVE clip from the “Dollhouse : The Complete First Season” DVD and Blu-ray (which includes a copy of a “Dollhouse” comic!); this clip involves Harry Lennix (as Boyd Langdon) entering the Dollhouse facilities for the first time and finding out exactly what it is he is letting himself in for.


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Firefly: A Celebration review: A big damn book • Hypable

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Posted on 3:00 pm, October 21, 2012

The Firefly: A Celebration companion book to the series is a must-have for fans of the show! Read our review of the ultimate guide to Browncoat life.

To celebrate the 10-year anniversary of Joss Whedon’s much-loved Firefly series, Titan Books has released the ultimate companion book; a massive, beautiful leather-ish bound volume containing 541 pages of high-res pictures, interviews with the cast and crew, and a general feeling of love and nostalgia for a show that was never given its due on network TV.

For the vast majority of sci-fi fans, Firefly is the most unfairly cancelled show of all time. Perhaps the fact that its one season (and the follow-up movie Serenity) was all perfect setups for storylines that could have been played a big part in why it remains so loved today; unlike shows like Lost and Battlestar Galactica, Firefly was never allowed to finish its story in a way which left fans disappointed, because it was never allowed to finish at all.

Then again, Joss Whedon is the master of storytelling, and we Browncoats are sure that whatever he would have done with another season or movie, it would have been beautiful. After all, for all its flaws, Buffy the Vampire Slayer remains one of the biggest cult hits of recent TV, and earlier this year Whedon did the impossible and brought Avengers to the big screen with astounding success. All those superheroes’ egos, tamed by one man? Long-time Whedon fans never really doubted it.

Still, Firefly probably remains Whedon’s most celebrated creation, and this is why a book like this works. Because it is not written for everyone, it is written for the true Browncoats out there, the ones who still go to conventions and dream of Serenity’s future adventures.

And let’s get real, companion books usually suck. When I picked up this copy I was expecting to sift through pages of quotes I already knew, arbitrary bits of scripts, and interviews with the cast and crew I could have found online. But Firefly: A Celebration is truly something different. From start to finish, it addresses the reader as a fellow fan, someone who doesn’t need anything explained. One of the first things in the book is an interview with Joss, and the first question is, “Did Firefly wind up being about what it started out being about?” Getting straight to the heart of things, no waffling introduction or explanation necessary.

This book really has everything, and I wish I had one like it for all my favourite shows (though if I stacked them all on top of each other, they’d probably crash through the floor). It contains all 14 original, unedited shooting scripts, complete with notes from Whedon and Tim Minear, production sketches, behind-the-scenes images and other nuggets. It has interviews with all the actors and thoughts on the characters from Whedon, Jane Espenson and the team. It has Serenity design sketches, features on Jayne’s weapons, costumes, visual effects, and even the Firefly fandom.

And perhaps most exciting, Firefly: A Celebration includes untold stories from the show, by the writers themselves! It’s like official fanfiction in a book, what’s not to like?

There is also a hidden room at the back of the book which contains a few beautiful extras: portrait headshots of the whole cast, and a replica of a bank note featured in the show.

Do be aware that the book has been comprised of the three Firefly: The Illustrated Companion books already released from the show (Volume I, Volume II and Still Flying), therefore if you already own these volumes you will get a lot of the same material twice. But if you don’t, and you’re looking to spend some intimate, quality time with the people who made the show you love (and which they love, a fact which shines through on every page), this is one big-ass book you need to find room for on your shelf.

Firefly: A Celebration retails for $49.95 and £34.99. A perfect Christmas present for that special Browncoat in your life.

Right now, you can find it for a discounted price at Amazon UK (£24.60) and Amazon US ($27.68).

via Firefly: A Celebration review: A big damn book • Hypable.


Firefly’s Summer Glau Talks Alphas’ Big Season 2 Finale – IGN

Already beloved by genre fans for her memorable roles in series like Firefly, The 4400 and Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, Summer Glau has been appearing on yet another super-cool show of late, Syfy’s Alphas.

Summer Glau as Skylar Adams in Alphas

Glau plays Skylar Adams, whose Alpha ability allows her to create technology years beyond our most advanced modern tech – and improvise some very formidable weapons from the most innocuous of objects.

With Alphas going into its big Season 2 finale this Monday, I spoke to Glau about portraying Skylar, what’s in store for the finale and more. And yep, I asked the frequent Joss Whedon collaborator what she thought about Whedon returning to TV with S.H.I.E.L.D. – and if there could potentially be a role there for her.

IGN TV: You appeared in one episode of Alphas in Season 1, but has it been fun to come back and flesh her out more and to see different facets of Skylar in Season 2?

Summer Glau: It has been. It’s been a great season for Skylar. I love doing TV, and I love being a part of a team. I really enjoy the process of getting to live in a character for an extended period of time and watch them grow, and I think that’s really happened for Skyler this year. Throughout this final episode, I think she evolves even more. I like where it’s going, and I know I’ve said this before, but I really, really enjoyed the challenges of playing a mother for the first time. That’s been very inspiring for me.

IGN: I wanted going to ask you about that. What’s it like playing a mom, and can you talk about that amazing little girl playing your daughter?

Glau: Oh my gosh, Skyler [Wexler] and I are pen pals online. She is a brilliant, brilliant young lady. When I originally took the role, that was one of the main reasons why, because I thought, “Oh, I wonder what it would be like to play a parent.” Once I got on set and I started working with Skyler – and it’s funny because I play Skylar — I realized once we started workshopping scenes that it created a whole other layer of depth and inspiration for me as an actress. It really, really helped drive my scenes. I’m not a mother yet. I have a little dog, and that’s closest thing I have to someone that truly belongs to me. So it really helped push me along through these last two seasons of Alphas, being able to focus on the fact that Skylar is an absolute loner. She only has herself to count on, and that’s how I play it and that’s how I see her storyline before you meet her in the show. But now that she has a daughter, she just can’t think that way. So it’s a lot of mixed feelings for her, and it just helps me as an actress.

IGN: What really impresses me about little Skyler’s acting is that she’s very natural. There was that funny moment in the last episode where Gary was saying, “This place is gross,” and just the way she said, “Yeah, it is…”

Glau: [Laughs] I know! Yeah, she’s such a natural. She’s really smart.

IGN: You’ve been in a lot of genre shows, specifically where you got to play an ass-kicker. Skylar has very impressive powers, but they’re more mental. Do you miss getting out there and fighting next to the people with the more physical powers sometimes?

Glau: I do. It’s funny that you mention that because Michael Karnow, who is one of the creators of Alphas, he’s a friend of mine, and we were discussing this, it came up in one of the episodes – I think it was actually the episode that just aired this week. They had written the episode — and we always tend to workshop it and rehearse and make some changes — and we were thinking, you know, Skylar doesn’t really get physical. Should we involve her more physically in this storyline? I talked to Michael about it, and he said, “You know what, we specifically want to veer away from that for you as an actress, because people are always going to expect that from you. This is going to be a new challenge for you to be part of the team and make an impact and be a power player without using a physical ability.” So it was actually done on purpose, and that’s good for me because I always want to rumble and throw down; it’s just natural for me as an actress. So this is a good exercise for me.

via Summer Glau Talks Alphas’ Big Season 2 Finale – IGN.


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Rumor of the Day: There’s a Firefly animated spinoff in the works? | Blastr

Rumor of the Day: There's a Firefly animated spinoff in the works?

It’s been nearly a decade since Fox canceled Firefly, and the show’s rabid following still hasn’t stopped clamoring for more. We’ve got a movie, we’ve got comic books, and a reunion special is on the way, but could we get something else? Could Firefly go animated?

Just as they did at San Diego Comic-Con over the summer, Firefly cast members reunited at New York Comic-Con over the weekend to talk about the show’s past and future. This time it was a smaller group, featuring only Nathan Fillion, Jewel Staite and Sean Maher, but during their session they managed to unleash a tidbit of maybe-news that’s liable to get Browncoats everywhere excited.

“If we’re dreaming, tell me what you think about this: Firefly the animated series,” Fillion said during the panel.

Really? Could our beloved Serenity fly back onto our screens as a cartoon, or was Fillion just messing around? According to Maher, the idea’s actually been toyed with.

“I know somebody who is actually trying to get that done, who has approached Joss [Whedon about it,” Maher said after the panel. “He used to work with Guillermo del Toro.”

Just who this person might be remains a mystery (for now), but this actually seems like a viable way to carry on the series without worrying about the ages of the characters. Plus, voice acting takes less time for the cast (and you don’t have to build sets and coordinate locations), which could mean that even the always-busy Fillion might make time to play Cartoon Mal and star in his hit series Castle simultaneously.

Of course, it’s just a convention rumor at this point, but what do you think? Could Firefly continue in the cartoon world, even with someone other than Whedon at the helm?

(NY Post via Bleeding Cool)

via Rumor of the Day: There’s a Firefly animated spinoff in the works? | Blastr.


Happy Birthday Joss Whedon!

Joss Whedon has made an indelible impact on our society. His creative mind and adventurous spirit has left us with many hours of entertainment.

Many of us are familiar with his work, the unmatched casting and creativity of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, the successful spin-off Angel, to name but two of his accomplishments.

The ill fated fan favorite, Firefly, just as popular today as it has ever been. The series Dollhouse starring the lovely & talented Eliza Dushku also gives us a peek inside this multi talented creative force.

And how could we forget his online hit, Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog boasting the likes of Neil Patrick Harris Felicia Day Nathan Fillion and Simon Helberg?

We rejoice in the knowledge that our favorite cult status hero has an upcoming director’s project on The Avengers. Joss has given us hours of entertainment, and we, the fans of his work would like to wish Joss the happiest of Birthdays!

Now, Numfar, do the dance of joy!

Thanks for everything Joss! Nyrhalahotep.


The Top 5 Male Characters Of The Whedonverse | via Daemon’s TV



The Top 5 Male Characters Of The Whedonverse | Daemon’s TV

I’m going to tell you all a secret. I’m a Whedon addict. It doesn’t matter what Joss does, doesn’t matter HOW he does it, I will always be front and center waiting for the premiere. I’m going to tell you another secret. I sort of lied in the sentence above. I have yet to watch Dollhouse. I know, I know, I know! It’s instantly streaming, so I will be partaking in it shortly, don’t fret.

To honor my love for Joss Whedon, I decided to put together a little article of the top five men in the Whedonverse. When I started this project I was thinking it would be a breeze. Oh how WRONG I was. And I mean wrong in bold, all caps, underlined and in italics.

How do you just pick five male characters out of all of the fantastic men that Joss has given us? I’ll tell you: You don’t. You can’t pick five, because there will always be someone left out. HOWEVER, for the sake of this article, I polled my Twitter feed, talked to fans… and then ended up throwing a few darts and came up with the following list.

Remember as you’re reading this: I could only pick five!


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