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Fan Poll for the Warehouse 13 Steampunk spinoff; H.G. Wells with Jaime Murray

According to an Airlock Alpha article by MICHAEL HINMAN, Posted Jun-20-2011 Jack Kenney was pitching some idea’s to the SyFy channel about a spinoff of Warehouse 13 featuring Jaime Murray’s character, H. G. Wells.

According to Kenney, they loved the idea! In today’s social media world, the idea quickly went from a simple pitched idea to, well, a done deal ready to go into production.

Kenney was quoted as saying; “They loved the character. They love the whole world of steampunk. Then, all of a sudden, it’ s in the press, and we’re doing it. I’m like, ‘Whoa, guys, wait!'”

SyFy is completely on board for the project, there are, however some things to work out. Now my question, dear readers is this; if indeed SyFy we’re to seriously pursue this, would you tune in? The poll below will be used to weigh the potential of a successful show if it comes to air.

I thank you in advance, Faithful Followers! Until next time, Cheers! Nyrhalahotep.

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