Bryan D. Hardbarger
3400 Preamble Lane Apt. J
Yorktown, VA 23692
phone: 304-481-0677

Work experience:
Present: Freelance Graphic/Sign Designer/Consultant Sign design, logo design & branding, illustration, web design, web/graphics design, advertising/consultation, copy writing, outdoor design, color correction & special effects, extensive Photoshop knowlege.
June 2007: Downtown Miami Sign-A-Rama Designer/Production Manager 237 N.E. 2nd Ave Miami, FL 33132 3053733339 Sign Design, Logo design, web/graphics design, advertising/consultation, copy writing, outdoor design.
Jan 1999 – Oct 2000: Clearchannel. 5555 Ulmerton Rd Clearwater, FL 33760 727-571-2224 Art Director: Laura Sebold, Duties: Graphic Designer – Graphic design, logo design, computer illustration, sign design, photo manipulation and special effects, advertising design and layout, web graphics design and web design.
1983-1997: Hardbarger Sign & Design, HC 83 Box 33 B Ellenboro, WV 26326 304-869-3357, Duties: Graphic Artist- Sign Design, Illustration work, Layout and design, Pictorial work & Logo design for family owned sign business.
Platforms: Mac & PC experience with most design software.
•Logo design: all forms, cutting edge to period style (1800’s 1930’s etc.)
•Computer Illustration: Hand drawings, or photographs scanned & enhanced by Photoshop or equivalent software program.
•Advertising Design: brochures, flyers, business cards, catalogs, marketing one sheets, print ads, CD covers.
•Web design: design & creation of functional & attractive web sites for business or personal use.
•Web Graphic design: design & creation of graphic materials for web use maximized for fast loading.
•Copy Writing: writing winning copy for print ads, one sheets, mailers, brochures etc.
•Layout & design: proper spacing, kerning, letter style usage for advertising.
•Illustration: hand drawing in pencil, pen & inks, & computer design programs.
•Photo Retouching: restoration of old or damaged photographs back to new, or the use of special effects to alter or enhance existing photos.
•Color correction & Special effects in Photoshop.
•Marketing pieces: any artwork needed to properly sell an idea, product or service
•Pre Press: preparing artwork from agencies to go to print
•Outdoor Advertising: concept, design, & copywriting for billboards, bus shelters, wall scapes, or any other form of outdoor advertising.
•Sign Design: concept, layout, design, & scaling of all types of signage.
Achievements and recognition:
Sign Business Magazine- August ’91, A photo of my companies vehicle advertising appears in an article.
Sign Business Magazine- January-May ’93, same photo from “91 issue promotes upcoming design contest.
Sign Business Magazine- March ’94. A barter article submitted upon request of magazine appears.
Sign Business Magazine – June ’97, 1st place, Auto Art Contest.
Signcraft Magazine-15th Anniversary March- April ’95 and 15th Ann. promotional mailer: An entry to the magazines design/cost workshop. Over 65,000 entries but only 6 appear in print.
Letterheads Magazine – Premier issue. Sign design appeared in magazine.
Woodcraft Catalog – August 31 ’94, (a hand carved sign on the cover of this international tool catalog to promote a new product).
Woodcraft Catalog – Product development, point of purchase signage.
Mason & Sullivan – (A clock builders catalog). A point of purchase Design
Sign Foam Corporation – An example photo of hand carving in new brochure.


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